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Blog :: 04-2017

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Investing in Selling: Best Renovations to Improve Home Value

Do you want to make sure your home sells when you put it on the market? One of the best ways to guarantee success is by completing home renovation projects to increase the value of your home. As long as you focus on doing the right renovations, you can increase the likelihood that your home will sell and get much better offers from potential homebuyers. Let’s look at what the best renovations are for improving your home’s value.


When most buyers walk into a home for the first time, one of the very first things they want to see is the kitchen. Kitchens have turned into the central hubs in most American homes, so it’s important to have a kitchen that will function the way you want it to. By renovating your kitchen and updating it today, you can give buyers exactly what they want and improve your home’s value. According to Bankrate, the average kitchen remodel costs about $21,000 and has a resale value of almost $17,000. That means you will recoup about 80 percent of the money you put into a kitchen remodeling job.


What’s inside of your garage isn’t nearly as important as how it looks from the outside. Garages are often dirty spaces – after all, they serve as parking for your car, storage for overflow from the home, and even a workshop for many people. Buyers these days are looking for a good aesthetic, however, and a clean appearance that will boost the home’s curb appeal. If your garage door is on the older side, why not give it an upgrade? Realtor.com points out that the average garage door costs about $1,600 to install and reaps a resale value of more than $1,500. That’s a nearly 92 percent return on investment for you, and it will make your entire house look better when someone is walking up to it for the first time. If your garage needs a fresh coat of paint or residing, it’s also a good idea to take care of that as well to make your garage look its best.


If your basement looks dark and dingy, chances are a homebuyer isn’t going to even want to consider what it would be used for. But if your basement functions like an extension of the main part of your home, they’ll see it as an added bonus that will instantly make your home feel like it’s worth a whole lot more. Bankrate reports that the average basement renovation costs about $71,000 and has a resale value of about $50,000, which means you will recoup 70 percent of your costs. You will also wow buyers with the way your basement looks and can add livable space to the home, which is sure to dramatically increase interest and provide more versatility to your home.

We have agents who specialize in helping home sellers. Before you decide to do a renovation to try and boost your home’s value, why not speak with someone who can tell you if it will be worth it? Berkshire Property Agents luxury and high-end properties, and we can help you get the most bang for your buck from your renovation projects. Call us at 413-528-6800 and speak with our expert Realtors about selling your home today.


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    Where To Eat, Stay, And Play In The Berkshires

    The Berkshires, a region of western Massachusetts comprised of 30 towns and two cities, sees hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, according to Lindsey Schmid, director of marketing for 1Berkshire, the regional tourism council for the area.

    Up to 80 percent of the land in the Berkshires is undeveloped, Schmid said, which means there’s plenty of nature to explore by hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, and zip lining.

    “There’s just something about when you come here, there’s an expansive feeling,” Schmid said.

    The area is rich in cultural offerings, as well. You can hop between towns to experience shopping, farm-to-table restaurants, world-class museums, and music festivals. Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, draws more than 300,000 people each season.

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