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Home Inspection: A Guide For Sellers

When selling your home, it’s important to have everything in order and ready for when the time comes to sell it. However, before you even put it on the market, you should have an inspector come out to take a look at your home.

One benefit to having an inspection done on your home is that it can be reassuring to prospective buyers. Letting buyers know that you’ve had your property inspected shows that you know the condition of your home quite well and have had a chance to review any flaws or fix any issues prior to putting your house on the market. It shows buyers that you care about offering a high-quality home in good condition and are open and forward about the process so there should be no surprises for anyone making a bid.

Having your own inspection before listing also allows you to get ahead of any problems that the inspector finds, allowing you a chance to fix any critical systems or structural concerns. Conversely, you can also take the report and offer it to anyone interested in making a bid, providing a clear disclosure of issues when selling a home “as-is” – something commonly done with estate sales or for buyers facing the prospect of a relocation for work or other reasons.

A home inspection also provides a comprehensive and holistic view of the property from top to bottom. This can allow you to prioritize any needed repairs or identify central systems or issues that could be causing other issues throughout the home. In turn, you can focus your repair or renovation work around the aspects that are most significant or that offer the greatest benefit, allowing sellers to avoid performing duplicate or unnecessary repairs.

Lastly, if the inspection shows that your home is in great condition and doesn’t require any repairs, you can use that information to more definitively price your property. Knowing the exact condition of your home can help you value it at a fair and confident pricing point. You can then also rely on this report during negotiations with a buyer, as you can rest assured that the condition of your home is great and you don’t need to concede on price given the excellent shape of your property.

Selling your home can be stressful, so let Berkshire Property Agents help. We work with homebuyers and sellers throughout the region, so we can help comprehensively market your property and show your home to interested and qualified buyers.

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