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Five Easy Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal is one of the best ways to enhance the chances of selling your home. If the property does not look enticing to someone from the outside, they will never want to come inside, meaning a lost sale before your home has even been shown – something no seller ever wants, and especially in the competitive real estate market of the Berkshires.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to improve a home’s curb appeal without breaking your back (or your bank account).

Outdoor Lighting

Some soft light outside your home can make it welcoming and inviting. Outdoor lights can emphasize landscaping or any of your property’s more attractive features, while improving safety. For example, solar lights are great for sidewalks and don’t require any long cords to get in the way. Most solar lights run for at least six hours, notes Popular Mechanics, so they’ll be lit when most people come by.

Border the Driveway

Adding some paving stones from a home improvement store along the edges of your driveway can give it a nice clean look. This edging can add life to a boring asphalt or concrete slab driveway and give your home a more classy and elegant look.


Adding flowers or shrubs to the front of your home is a great way to add appeal to your property. Pick some that have already bloomed from your local nursery and you can easily add a small selection of fresh plant life to had a burst of color and life to your home’s look in no time. If you choose flowers, stick with perennials, as that eliminates the need to buy new flowers every year.

Cover Dead Spots

Trees are great for providing shade and property value, but they can make it hard for grass to grow in certain places. Instead of fighting a losing battle, turn those dead zones into small flower or plant gardens. The space will look better, be easier to maintain and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Upgrade Hardware

This is an easy one. Replace the hardware on your front door with something that’s new and shiny. Making these small changes costs very little and takes only a few minutes of time, but will give your home a little extra pop that would-be buyers will notice.

At Berkshire Property Agents, we’ve helped countless clients make small touches help you list your home for sale in the Berkshires, too. To learn more, call our team today at 413-528-6800.

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